The New Age of Sri Lanka’s
Smart Transportation Begins

ABOUT Makumbura Multimodal Center

Developed with an investment of Rs. 2.000 Million from
Japan International Cooperation Agency and The Government of
Sri Lanka by
The Township Development Component (3K Project) of Greater Colombo Urban Transport Development Project

Sri Lanka’s Public Transport, reaching new heights to be in par with international standards, dedicates its first ever Multimodal Center of the country to the public. Main objective of the integrated transport system in the Multimodal Center is to lessen the traffic congestion towards Colombo by encouraging the use of public transport. Bus and rail modes are equipped to deliver comfortable, convenient and safe transport experience to the public through intelligent and technology - based operation system.

Makumbura Multimodal Center - Kottawa is a project implemented with the aim of dispersing traffic in and around Colombo city while encouraging and facilitating to move the developments away from the highly populated urban areas. This project will offer the optimum infrastructure solution to improve the quality of lives of the travelers by reducing the wastage of valuable resources such as time, fuel, aggravation and cost of vehicle maintenance while ensuring a strong and sustainable economic growth.

This achievement will be a landmark for a giant step in Sri Lanka’s public transport improvement.


Special benefits & Facilities provided by the Multimodal Transport Center

  • Convenience of enjoying Bus and Train Services at the same location
  • Display of Dynamic Timetables
  • Public Address System
  • Comfortable commuter rest halls
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Restaurant facilities
  • ATM and Digi banking facilities
  • Facilities for parking private vehicles and using public transportation
  • WiFi Facilities
  • Saving time and money
  • Using environmentally friendly solar power

  • long distance services starting from Makumbura
    Galle - Matara Highway Buses started from Maharagama will start from Makumbura with effect from April 01, 2019.
  • Short distance services starting from Makumbura
    138 Pettah (Normal and Luxury Services), 129 Moragahahena, 336 Malambe, 345 Apeksha Hospital Limited Services.
  • Long distance services starting from Maharagama ( touch & go )
    Services including Nawalapitiya, Pollonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Balangoda, Badulla via Kandy will p rovide commuter services through Makumbura Multimodal Transport Center
  • Train services
    Malapalla railway station on Kelany-Valley line will move its services to Makumbura railway station with improved facilities that will be linked with the bus terminal through an overhead bridge.

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